And that’s the folder that stores all files that you open directly from your Internet Explorer. Note that accessing directly in the Temporary Internet Files is quite dangerous, as it’s hotbed for all kinds of malware downloaded from Internet.

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Jan 17, 2018 Where are temporary files created? - Drupal Answers As far as I know, any module opens temporary files using a path starting with "temporary://" (available only in Drupal 7 and higher) or uses file_directory_temp(). The directory returned from file_directory_temp() can change from system to system, but modules always use that directory.

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Clean up temp directory automatically in Windows 10 Temporary files can be safely deleted after the process which has created them has quit. However, this does not happen often, so the temporary directory continues to store them and fills your disk drive with junk. Here is how to clean up the temp directory automatically in Windows 10. How to Delete Temporary Internet Files in Windows XP/7/8/10 A temporary file or temp file is created to store information in it temporarily while a new file is being created. Once the program is closed, a temporary file should be deleted. Windows programs create a temporary file with .TMP extension. Although Windows temporary folder can also contain any file other than .tmp files. Need of temporary files