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[SOLVED] Post FreeNAS 11.2 OS Update & New Jail, Plex Jul 15, 2019 freenas - Is it possible to remotely access a web server I have installed freenas with network adapter set to NAT. After installation, it gave me an IP address ( with which I can access the webGUI. But if I try to change the IP address using configure network option in the freenas, I am unable to access …

Restricted Firewall Access¶. If the webGUI port must be to the Internet, restrict it by IP address/range as much as possible. Ideally, if there is a static IP address at the location to manage from, allow traffic from that IP or subnet and nowhere else.

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That is, copying huge files remotely on a slow internet connection (e.g., a hotel, coffeeshop, etc.) could take forever. It really will depend on the speed of the internet connection you are away from home (your home network speed, vlan, and nas drive speed are probably factors too, but prob a lot less critical to transfer speeds). FreeNAS Storage Operating System - Open Source - FreeNAS